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Safety: Take the Pledge

A Safety Reminder

Hello Beaver Chapter friends and members,

This year has been a pretty safe one and not many reportable incidents are hitting the waste industry in our area so far (great work!). Just recently, however, a fatality resulted in Salem (10/21/2019), that occurred when a Jeep SUV ran a red light and collided with a Republic Services waste collection vehicle at a very busy intersection. The driver of the Jeep SUV was killed and the driver of the waste collection truck suffered minor injuries. This was a terrible tragedy and could have been avoided most likely had the driver of the SUV had obeyed the traffic light and not been in a hurry. With the days getting shorter and the weather soon to be changing to rain/snow/ice, please take the time to NOT get in a hurry, obey all traffic signals and insure YOUR vehicle is ready (how are your wipers, tires, brakes and brake/turn indicators?). Another step you can take is to sign the SWANA Safety Pledge at SWANA.org. It only takes a minute and it will serve as a good reminder that this pledge is not just for Haulers, but ANYONE and not just for work but at home as well. You can also check out the SWANA Safety Videos that appear on the Safety Monday e-mail. Have a safe and enjoyable end of year.

Beaver Chapter Safety Ambassador